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Dr Philip Uys – mLearning Expert from Charles Sturt University

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mLearning (mobile learning) seminar Philip Uys from Philip Uys

Allan Carrington: A Flipping Better Way to Learn

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    Allan Carrington is an innovative instructional designer at the University of Adelaide. This presentation is a must-see for anyone serious about instructional design. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3138780/flippingbetter/assets/fallback/index.html

Jane Hart’s Journey from E-Learning to Social Business


If you are interested in the power of collaborative web technologies, you’ll be interested in Jane Hart’s journey into social learning. Check her website here:¬†http://janehart.com/bio/ This is Jane’s bio page. “Over the last few years I have worked with a number of organisations, large and small, to help them understand the value of social media [...]

Teaching Learners to Think Like Teachers and Teaching Teachers to Think Like Learners

“There is nothing more dangerous than an idea when it is the only one you have.” Edward de Bono developed a handy thinking tool as part of his CoRT program, called OPV, or Other People’s Views. What is the value of thinking about a problem from a different perspective? A new, fresh perspective can provide [...]

Learning Analytics with SNAPP (University of Wollongong)

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SNAPP – Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference 2011 View more PowerPoint from aneeshabakharia

Get Moodling! Learn about the World’s Top LMS

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  ACPET Moodle Workshop 1 2012 View more PowerPoint from yum productions What Makes a Good Moodle course View more presentations from Tomaz Lasic

The Science of E-Learning

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Storytelling in E-learning

Storytelling Overview Storytelling is possibly the most effective way to convey knowledge and understanding. For generations, traditions, beliefs, and morals have been shared through stories…hearts have been stirred and passions ignited. Even today, our most popular leisure pursuits (movies, books, video games) have at there core a process of telling (or creating) a story. Why [...]

First Principles of Effective E-Learning

What principles do you use for structuring E-Learning experiences? This summary is a short refresher course that can save a lot of time for any E-Learning practitioner endeavouring to make the most of E-Learning creation and delivery. The ten recommended principles are stated below – but watch the whole presentation for ideas on how to [...]

Powerful E-Learning Tool in Action in Higher Education

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Virtual learning in action, this is an effective example of the application of a broad range of web tools to support learning in an individual and collaborative context. http://www.unir.net/english We are born with the vocation to be leaders in technology.Our students were born in the information society, which requires different learning styles and which approaches to [...]

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