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Augmented Reality in Action. Wow!

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E-Learning Project Management

The Science of E-Learning

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Storytelling in E-learning

Storytelling Overview Storytelling is possibly the most effective way to convey knowledge and understanding. For generations, traditions, beliefs, and morals have been shared through stories…hearts have been stirred and passions ignited. Even today, our most popular leisure pursuits (movies, books, video games) have at there core a process of telling (or creating) a story. Why [...]

First Principles of Effective E-Learning

What principles do you use for structuring E-Learning experiences? This summary is a short refresher course that can save a lot of time for any E-Learning practitioner endeavouring to make the most of E-Learning creation and delivery. The ten recommended principles are stated below – but watch the whole presentation for ideas on how to [...]

Salmat E-Learning Showcase Review

Salmat is a leading Australasian E-Learning provider. The following showcase has been developed according to client briefs.The approach to E-Learning has a strong storytelling component, with interactivity built in through quizzes. Salmat has a fresh approach with upbeat incidental music and graphics. Definitely worth a view. The website states the following: Learning Showcase With a focus [...]

“Just in Time” E-Learning – is it a Valid Model?

When I was teaching movie production skills to intermediate school students using iMovie, I encountered an interesting phenomenon. Some exceptionally bright multimedia students decided to make a slightly more ambitious movie than I had planned for the class. A gunman would roam the corridors of the school, there would be a lockdown, a dramatic shootout [...]

How to Develop an E-Learning Strategy for Your Organisation

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The eLearning Guild’s Handbook of e-Learning Strategy In many organisations, there is a need to better identify and document a comprehensive learning strategy and to answer the question, “What should we be doing in order to support improved learning and performance?” This e-Book will help you make a broad, fundamental connection between learning, e-Learning, and [...]

Kinect Education Review

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http://www.kinecteducation.com/ and http://www.boffswana.com/news/?p=1166 Review coming soon…

The QR (Quick Response) Code Revolution


QR Codes are a new technology that bring the power of coding (a superior form of bar coding) and scanning into the hands of mobile device users. QR Codes were developed by Toyota as a system for tracking vehicles in their manufacturing plants.   BACKGROUND: According to Wikiedia (italicised text): A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) [...]

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